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Institute of Bioresources


Address AZ7000, Nakchivan, Babek, 10   
Phone (+994 36) 5450501  


Deputy directors

Ismayil Bagiyyat oglu Mammadov

Doctor of Biological sciences, Assistant professor

(+994 36) 5450502

(+994 50) 3205220

Nacafov Cabbar Sardar oglu

Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian sciences

(+994 36) 5452337

(+994 51) 8794869 

Scientific secretary

Ibrahimov Anvar Mehti oglu

(+994 36) 5450475

(+994 50) 4424311 

Establishment history 07 avqust, 2002 
Basic activity directions  Investigation of biodiversity of flora, fauna and soil in Azerbaijan, preservation of the gene fund and its productive use  
Main scientific achievements 

The taxonomic spectrum of the biodiversity of flora and fauna of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was prepared, “Red Book”s of the rare and endangered kind of biodiversity were published, the opportunities of the use of official herbs being the natural resource were determined. Monographs devoted to 6 families of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic flora were published. A garden was created in the gene fund consisting of aboriginal fruit, vegetable and vine sorts belonging to the cultivated flora. New sorts of barley-Gilchigli-85, pea-Garaja-85 and grape-Bayan shira were created. Environmental assessment of soils of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was conducted. 

Total number of employees 78 
Structural subdivisions

Department of Botany

Department of Zoological Research

Department of Systematics of plant

Laboratory Biochemical Researches

Laboratory Cereals, legumes and technical plants

Laboratory Fruits, vegetables and  Grape laboratory

Laboratory of Soil Resources 

Department of Innovation and Scientific-production  

Nature museum

Scientific Council:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Mammadov Ismayil Bagiyat oglu

Ibrahimov Anvar Mehti oglu

Talibov Tariyel Huseynali oglu

Guliyev Varis Mukhtar oglu

Najafov Jabbar Sardar oglu

Pashayev Teyyub Yunis oglu

Hajiyev Sahib Asgar oglu

Salayeva Zulfiyya  Kamil gizi

Bayramov Akif Bayram oglu 

Fatullayev Parviz Ulker oglu

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members

PR responsible person  
Doctors of sciences